Fashionistas Feather Bunny Tail large Glass Butt Plug

Venture into Fetish Play with the Amazing Fashionistas Feather Bunny Tail Large Glass Butt Plug
? Smooth and tapered design for easy insertion
? Made from toughened glass
? Outstanding glass butt plug with fluffy marabou tail
This decorated glass butt plug is designed to give you maximum pleasures and amazing fetish play. It is adorned with a fluffy marabou rabbit tail and using it for role play will make your partner horny. The plug is made from glossy black toughened glass that will give your ass the best stretching and stimulation. It has an insertable length of 3 inches and a girth of 4 inches.
If you are a beginner in the anal world, this plug Bunny Girls Costume will do your ass some justice and you will definitely every bit of it. You only need to use your favorite water based lube and venture into mind blowing stimulations as you slide it into your canal.
The compatible size of this plug allows you to sneak it in your handbag while going on that business plan or trip. It is also designed in a way that you can wear it for an extensive length of time. The bunny tail is made from real feather puff which creates a cheeky look for anal pleasure.
This outstanding toy is decorated with charming and whimsical floral design and can be worn during sex or while going on with your regular daily chores.